Hamed Rajabi

Dr. Hamed Rajabi is a Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University.

Dr. Hamed Rajabi is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering at London South Bank University (LSBU). He has an interdisciplinary research background. He received his first PhD in Mechanical Engineering (2016) followed by a second PhD in Biology (2019).

Hamed is passionate about biological systems and their ‘technological’ complexities. He and his team at MI lab aim to unravel these complexities, learn from them to develop nature-inspired concepts, and elaborate them into a technology readiness level that can be converted into marketable products, especially in the areas of structural reinforcement, lightweight construction, healthcare, and robotics. 

Hamed has published over 55 articles in peer-reviewed journals, one preprint, two Editorials and six peer-reviewed articles in languages other than English (including Persian, German and Japanese). Many of his articles have been published in top interdisciplinary journals and are among the most impactful research in the field. Hamed’s research has been featured by multiple science news outlets, such as PhysOrg, New Atlas, 3D Printing Industry, TechXplore, Advanced Science News, etc. He has been interviewed by multiple magazines and TV channels, such as RTL and NDR. To contribute to the scientific community and specifically to support early-career scientists, he co-founded and currently acts as the supervising producer of the YouTube channel Science4Everyone, where he and his colleagues aim to promote recent discoveries free of charge and bridge between science and public.

Hamed is currently Editor of Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering, and International Journal of Bionic Engineering, and has successfully organized two Special Issues as Guest Editor in Applied Physics A (Springer) and Insects (MDPI). He is also regularly invited as the Reviewer of multiple international journals, including Nature Physics, Acta Biomaterialia and Communications Biology.

Hamed has won several awards including the Distinguished Student Award of the International Society of Bionic Engineering (ISBE), KiNSIS Best PhD Dissertation Award, and KLS Postdoctoral Award for excellent research quality. He has received several science photography awards from the Royal Society, Olympus, and Nikon. His research has allowed him to secure internationally recognized fundings, such as German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In recognition of his achievements, in 2021 Hamed was endorsed as an Exceptional Promise by the Royal Academy of Engineering under the Global Talent category.