Hamed Rajabi

Dr. Hamed Rajabi is a Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University.

Hamed Rajabi is an accomplished interdisciplinary researcher, boasting a BSc (2007), MSc (2010), and PhD (2016) in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a second PhD (2019) in Natural Sciences. Currently, he holds the position of Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University and serves as the Director of the distinguished Mechanical Intelligence (MI) Research Group. His extensive contributions have garnered numerous national and international grants and awards, a testament to his dedication to advancing knowledge. Notably, he has been recognized as an Exceptional Promise by the Royal Academy of Engineering within the Global Talent category. With a prolific academic career, Hamed Rajabi has authored over 70 publications featured in internationally renowned journals. His research insights have been widely disseminated, reflecting his commitment to the academic community. Furthermore, his expertise has led him to be an Invited Speaker at various international conferences and symposiums, where he shares his insights and contributes to the global dialogue on cutting-edge research. Adding to his impressive portfolio, he also holds editorial roles in prominent journals including Applied Physics AFrontiers in Mechanical Engineering, and the Journal of Bionic Engineering. These roles underline his influence in shaping the trajectory of research within his field. Hamed Rajabi’s journey exemplifies his unwavering pursuit of knowledge and his profound impact on the interdisciplinary landscape.